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For The Love Of Color

 These beautiful overlays will add a splash of color to any wardrobe. pick your choice for only $45.00 each

Item #FLC

Price $55.00 


Item #Mer.

Price $55.00 

Flaming Hearts and Frozen Feet by J. Sukky Fagbohun

Item #FH 2

Price $12.00 

Mettalic Double pointed edged Flags
Assorted Angel wing or square flags.

Item #Fl

Price $25.00 

Power In The Blood Flag
This anointed flag incredibly simulates blood when used for praisedance. It is also available in river blue, Silver Rain, firey orange and Rainbow.

Price $25.00 

How To Make LArge Majestic Crowns Instructional DVD

Price: $40.00  Sale price $25.00

Silver and Gold Fringed Crown

Item #SGFC

Price $90.00 

Crown DVD

Price: $40.00  Sale price $25.00

Living Waters Crown (Extra Large)

Item #LVW

Price $90.00 

God With Us

Item #GWU

Price $55.00 

God with us ( Gold)

Item #GWUG

Price $55.00 

God with us (green)

Item #GWU

Price $55.00 

Crown For Pedestal or Pillow
Crown Shown with gold satin pillow sold separately. 

Price $75 

Covenant Crown
Crown Shown with pillow, sold separately.

Price $75.00 

Crown Making Instructional DVD Volume 2

Price $35.00 

No Sew Book On DVD

Price $19.00 

Lycra and Chiffon

Item #LC

Price $25.00 

Basic palazzo (Pant or Top)
These basics are a must have for every dancer. They are made with stretch jersey fabric and they come in various colors. Palazzo pant is shown here with basic bell flounce top

Price $25.00 

Dotted sequin and Chiffon Overlays (assorted Colors)

Item #DSAC

Price $55.00 

Enflamed Wrap

Item #ENF

Price $55.00 

Grace Overlay
This simple overlay is made with durable dance spandex fabric and it is available in various colors.

Price $25.00 

Luxury Wrap Overlay

Item #LWO

Price $55.00 


Item #TRS

Price $55.00 

Wrapped in His love
This wrap can also be tied as an over pant or over skirt. Available in other colors

Price $25.00 


Item #CLD

Price $55.00 

Children Square Flag

Item #CSF

Price $25.00 

Circle Skirt
Available in other Colors.

Item #CSkT

Price $30.00 

Fountain Of His Love Wrap
 This Beautiful and low priced chiffon wrap shown here with renewed overlay(sold separately) is quite versatile. It can be tied in several ways to produce diffent looks everytime it is worn. Available also in other colors or fabrics of your choice.

Item #FO L

Price $35.00 

Bell Sleeve Overlay

Item #BSO

Price $25.00 

Grace Wrap

Item #GW

Price $42.50 

New Life

Sold out

Item #NWL

Price $47.00 

Orange Satin Palazzo

Item #OSP

Price $35.00 

Palazzo Pants

Item #PLP

Price $30.00 

Brighter than Gold

Item #BTG

Price $55.00 

Tried and True
This pretty garment can be worn as an overlay or a dress.

Item #Tat

Price $47.00 

Trust Overskirt or overpant

Item #Tru

Price $25.00 

Red Skirt for girls

Price $20.00 

Orange Dance Skirt

Item #CDS

Price $20.00 

Skirt For Children.

Skirt is available in all colos and textures. Available also in adult sizes. Ready to ship.

Price $20.00 

Gold Dance Skirt for Children

Price $20.00 

Poly LycraWrap Overlay

Price $45.00 

Effective Choreography for Praise Dancers by J. Sukky Fagbohun

Item #Effec 1

Price $17.00 

Over Skirt or Overpant

Price $15.00 

Chiffon Dance Skirt

Item #CDS

Price $20.00 

Lycra Fuchsia Overlay

Item #LFO

Price $37.00 

Chiffon Wrap

Item #CW

Price $25.00 

Lycra and Lace overlay

Item #L$L

Price $50.00 

Power In The Blood.

This red overlay made of a mixture of red sequin and shiffon fabric, will be a glorious addition to your Christmas wardrobe. Shown with red palazzo pant sold separately.

Item #Pib

Price $55.00 



Price $75.00 

Royalty Wrap overlay

Top of wrap is trimmed with silver sequins. May trim with other colors if preffered.

Item #RyT

Price $30.00 


Item #SOG

Price $98.00 

Sea of Glass with sleeves

Price $150.00 



We appreciate your business and we value you as our customer. Note that the Garments here are made to order. Please make sure you are satisfied with the design,  color and texture  of garments before purchasing as we do not offer refunds. It is also important to be sure of your size. Please note that multiple orders take longer to  process so be patient.
It is the responsibility of the  buyer to take delivery of orders. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages after delivery confirmation. In the unlikely event that you require alteration or need to return a garment please do so no later than 12 hours after delivery.
Thank you for your business.

Please keep in mind that group, multiple or large orders take at least 4 weeks for delivery.

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